Non-bank loans online – an online loan for everyone

This can happen to anyone – the car breaks down, the child wants to go on a dream trip, the neighbor will flood your apartment. In each of these situations, you will need cash. Quick and without unnecessary formalities. The simplest solution will be non-bank loans via the Internet. Check what it is about.

You don’t have time to visit banks and go through long credit procedures? Take a look at non-bank loans online and see how quickly the money can be in your account.

Non-bank loan online – for whom?

Non-bank loan online - for whom?

Non-bank loans, in contrast to loans offered by banks, are distinguished by simplified granting procedures. To use them, you don’t have to comply with too many formalities or wait a long time for your application to be processed. Online non-bank loans are granted even within 15 minutes, and the amount borrowed goes directly to your account.

Thanks to this, online non-bank loans can be a good solution if:

  • you need extra cash quickly
  • you want to borrow between USD 100 and 15,000
  • you don’t have a regular income,
  • you have a negative credit history in Credit Checker or KRD,
  • you do not want to provide income and employment certificates,
  • you don’t want to submit bank statements.

Online non-bank loan – how to get it?

Online non-bank loan - how to get it?

You don’t have to waste time browsing dozens of offers from non-bank companies to choose the best loan offer. All you have to do is use the payday compare tool on Good Finance.

The procedure for granting loans online is as follows:

  • You choose the offer of one of the non-bank companies. On her website or in the mobile application you find the right application for an online loan.
  • You are completing an online loan application. The form contains from a dozen to several dozen questions, which include, among others Your personal data, home address, telephone number, monthly income. Complementing it should not take you more than a quarter.
  • You verify your identity. To be able to confirm that you are the person you claim to be, loan companies most often ask for a verification transfer for a symbolic amount of USD 0.01 or USD 1. You must make it from your own bank account.
  • You are awaiting a loan decision. Usually, it is taken within a few minutes.
  • You get money into your bank account.

The promise of cash in 15 minutes appears in the advertisements of many loan companies. What does this really mean? For most companies, a quarter is a time from positive consideration of the application to transfer money to your account.

Online non-bank loans – what conditions must you meet?

Online non-bank loans - what conditions must you meet?

Although the procedure for granting online loans is not too complicated, you must meet several conditions to be able to count on financing. The most important of them are:

  • possession of a valid ID card;
  • possession of Polish citizenship and PESEL number;
  • having a personal bank account;
  • meeting the age criterion – depending on the company, the minimum age to get a loan is 18 or 21 years old;
  • indication of the address of residence or registered address.

Additional conditions for granting a loan online depend on the rules of the particular non-bank company. Some of them only need to meet the above conditions, while others may ask you to provide an account statement or income statement. If you have a negative credit history and are afraid that because of this your online loan application may be rejected, take advantage of the loan offer without Credit Checker.

In this case, you may not be able to receive an online non-bank loan. A personal bank account is needed to make a verification transfer and to receive a transfer from a loan company. If you do not have one, you can use a loan in person at a branch of a non-bank company.

How fast are non-bank loans granted online?


When you need cash urgently, every hour is important. There are several factors that determine how quickly money goes to your account.

First, the way to verify loan applications. In some non-bank companies, applications are processed automatically, while in others, employees are responsible for their verification.

Secondly, the longer you wait with the verification transfer, the later you will receive cash. It is also important in which bank your and the loan company’s account is located. If in the same, both the verification transfer and the transfer of the borrowed amount should arrive immediately. However, if the accounts are in different banks, you will have to wait a little longer.

Before you decide to make a non-bank loan online, be sure to read all of its terms. Check how much and for what period you can take it. Also read the APRC, i.e. all loan costs (interest, commission, insurance, etc.). You can easily check the most important parameters in the loan comparison and rankings.