In which bank to take a mortgage? Mortgage loans on the market

There are many mortgage loan offers on the banking market. Most large banks offer them to their clients, but to receive such a loan, you must have sufficient creditworthiness, without negative entries in GFI, and at the same time have your own deposit. Where to take a mortgage today?

Mortgage – how to choose the best offer?

The purpose of a mortgage is most often to finance the purchase of an apartment or house from the primary or secondary market. A mortgage is usually a long-term commitment that is given to those customers who meet the bank’s requirements. These requirements include:

  • sufficiently high creditworthiness, i.e. ability to pay installments by the date specified in the schedule;
  • good credit history at GFI – Good Finance Investment;
  • submitting an application for a loan together with a set of documents required in a given bank;
  • own contribution – at least 20% the value of the property being purchased (or at least 10%, if the remaining part of the missing own contribution is borrowed by the borrower with acceptable insurance or other types of collateral);
  • establishing required repayment security, i.e. a mortgage for the bank with an entry in the land and mortgage register, life insurance or fire insurance and other random events.

However, before you sign the loan agreement, familiarize yourself with the mortgage offers that are available on the financial market in Poland. I present four offers that have been most recently chosen by Good Finance users.

Good Lender mortgage

Good Lender offers a mortgage under the “Own angle” housing loan. Assuming that we take out a loan for USD 250,000 for a period of 25 years at Good Lender, a mortgage will be granted to us on the terms:

  • 2.82% interest rate per year, including bank margin 1.10%;
  • APRC (annual real interest rate) – 3.19 percent per year;
  • bank commission – 3% *;
  • amount to be repaid – a total of USD 360,880.38;
  • loan installment – 1202.93 USD.

In the case of such a mortgage, Good Lender does not necessarily require a life insurance policy and there is no requirement for additional insurance of real estate against fire and other random events, although both insurances can be purchased directly at the bank.

A bridging insurance premium is charged that is used during the period to enter the mortgage in favor of the bank in the land and mortgage register. Until the mortgage is established, the loan margin is increased by 0.9 percentage points.

* The commission at Good Lender is determined individually, and in the case of a 4-year unemployment insurance – 0%.

Cooperative Bank mortgage

Cooperative Bank grants a promotional mortgage as part of the “Autumn in the new M” offer, which includes the possibility of using a reduced credit margin. This loan is granted for the purchase of a flat or house, house construction, renovation, finishing or purchase of a plot.

Cooperative Bank mortgage

The advantage of the promotional offer, in addition to the reduced margin, is also the fact that you can receive additional funds to repay other credit obligations in the form of consumer credit, credit card or a revolving line.

Cooperative Bank does not charge any fees for processing the application, and the commission for granting a mortgage is from 0 to 4 percent. loan amount.

Honest Bank mortgage


Honest Bank grants a mortgage in the offering formula, where the APRC of the liability is 5.52 percent. Its advantages are:

  • margin from 2.29 percent;
  • the option of suspending repayment for up to 6 months a year, for a total of up to 5 years;
  • a wide range of lending purposes.

If you decide to take advantage of such an offer, Honest Bank will grant you a mortgage without charging a fee for processing the application, and the amount of commission for granting the loan will be determined individually, a maximum of 5%. commitment amounts.

Thrift Bank mortgage


If you want to take out a mortgage in Thrift Bank, you can get a loan for 250 thousand. USD for 25 years on the following conditions:

  • interest rate – 3.92 percent per year, with the bank’s margin being 2.20%;
  • APRC – 3.99 percent;
  • commission – 0.00%;
  • amount to be repaid – USD 392,572.23;
  • installment – USD 1308.57;
  • no requirement for additional insurance of real estate against fire and other random events.

In Thrift Bank, until the mortgage is established, the customer bears the costs associated with the commission for increased risk – the fee for one year is 1 percent. the loan amount granted and is charged in monthly installments on the eighth day of each month.